Greasy Chain Charitable Trust

Helping all New Zealanders become fitter through cycling

Greasy Chain Charitable Trust

Helping all New Zealanders become fitter through cycling

Sponsors & Supporters

Please work with us and share your successes with ours!

We started out as a small committee in 2016 and have grown into the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust. Our guiding philosophy is to “Help get more Kiwis fitter through cycling”. Unfortunately, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of obesity and type two diabetes in the world. The Greasy Chain Charitable Trust’s aim is to change that statistic, and we’re asking you and your organisation to help us do that.

Some of the ways the Trust promotes cycling:

  1. February Bike Month – we promote activities to encourage more people to ride their bikes for recreation, sport, commuting and to build physical and mental health during the month of February.
  2. Active Transport – in cooperation with active transport advocacy groups such as Palmerston North Streets Ahead, the Trust submits proposals and recommendations to Council on planned changes/implementation of cycling related activities and infrastructure.
  3. Encourage more people to commute by cycle, promoting such initiatives as the Wednesday Challenge.
  4. Consult with councillors and community activists to advise and posit recommendations that will enhance Palmerston North as a most-liveable city.
  5. Work closely with the Manawatū Business Chamber to advise on all activities/events that will enhance the ambiance of Palmerston North City.
  6. Organise cycle activities for non-cyclists to introduce them to the benefits of cycling.
  7. Provide opportunities for youth development – we appoint a Youth Advisor to the board of the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust for a 12-month term.
  8. Working with the Bainesse & District Community Development Trust to promote the City to Sea Cycle and Walkway along the now defunct Railway line which once went from Foxton to Palmerston North.
  9. Provide advice and support to local businesses who themselves advocate and promote cycling.
  10. Conduct the annual international UCI Gravel & Tar Classic (Men) and La Femme (Women) cycling events.
  11. Conduct the annual Slicks & Stones Gravel Assault iconic cycling event for amateur cyclists.

Reasons for becoming a sponsor

We’re now seeking your help to promote our aims and you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Provide financial support by becoming a Naming Rights Sponsor for one of our events or perhaps our two flagship events, the Gravel & Tar and the Slicks & Stones Gravel Assault.
  • Provide financial support as a Supporting Sponsor for an event, initiative or activity.
  • Become an In-Kind Supporting Sponsor such as providing marketing material/initiatives, printing, vehicle or venue use, food/drink, accommodation, and so on.

Additionally, we have a number of people and organisations who Donate Regularly to assist us achieve our aims. Of course, although not strictly a “sponsor”, you can also show your support by becoming a Greasy Chainer.

So, your sponsorship, donations and subscriptions will help with all the “behind the scenes” costs such as traffic control, safety procedures, technology rentals, and volunteering thank-you support packages etc., that enable us to run all our activities and events that get “more bums on bikes” and make Kiwis heathier.  It’s a great way to show your community involvement and in the case of organisations, encourage potential clients to use your business that supports them as well.


Become a Greasy Chainer

A big “Thank You” to our following sponsors …

We are truly local, innovative, and one of NZ’s Top Professionals offices. Enjoy the best with our long-established successful team of realtors.

When you work with us you enjoy the benefit of a very personally operated local business that is a member of a leading national & international real estate marketing group ‘Professionals’ known for our innovation, traditional service values, smart use of technology and excellent results.

We are proud to be naming rights sponsors for the UCI Gravel & Tar Classic and La Femme, the Greasy Chain’s flagship events as a significant contributor to the health and well-being of our region.

Palmerston North City Council has supported the UCI Gravel & Tar Classic and La Femme, the Greasy Chain’s flagship events since their inception in 2016.

We see these events as a way of promoting the benefits of cycling for health, recreation, sport, commuting and to support our healthy environmental goals.

Manawatū District Council operates a variety of funding schemes to assist not-for-profit groups such as the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust, organisations and individuals in the district to run, promote or participate in programmes or events like the Gravel & Tar that contribute to achieving Council’s strategic outcomes.

Having been around since 1991, GSA Design is one of the region’s premier marketing and design agencies that help our clients promote their services and products to achieve success.

We’ve designed all the marketing and promotional material for the UCI Gravel & Tar Classic and La Femme, the Greasy Chain’s flagship events for the last few years and continue to show our support to achieving their aims

Palmfeild Motors are NZ’s number one Subaru and Mazda dealers, offering New, Used & Fleet vehicle sales, along with Genuine servicing and parts across the Manawatu.

We’re delighted to provide support vehicles to the Greasy Chain’s flagship events, the UCI Gravel & Tar Classic and La Femme, to demonstrate our involvement in such a worthy community event.

With more than a century of serving businesses in the Manawatu, Fisher Print knows the importance of treating every print project as if it were our first.

No matter what your size or industry, the attention to detail we place on every print job ensures we deliver an exceptional result while still remaining competitive in the market. 

So we’re delighted to produce quality printed material for the Gravel and Tar events.

We believe this is why hundreds of organisations, rely upon us for both their local and national print management needs.

At Green Monkey, we strive to provide the best-of-the-best products. Our gear has undergone stringent testing by us, and many of our ambassadors, so you can be sure that GreenMonkey will provide you the ultimate feeling and style when out riding.

We have partnered with international brands like Fingercrossed, Alba Optics and Riesel Design to provide a variety of funk and colour.

We regularly supply great kit to teams in the UCI Gravel and Tar cycling events.

Base Solutions is a family owned Siteworks company that has been operating in the Manawatu since 2017. Our commitment to delivering quality and reliability has ensured our success in both residential and commercial projects. We’ve been supporting the Gravel & Tar since it’s inception.

Etech has been operating in Palmerston North for 30 years and has established itself as a New Zealand leader in steel fabrication and laser cutting.

Today we have a team of 50 staff, who pride themselves on providing customers with high-quality, built to last solutions.

We’re proud to support the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust and have designed and produced the perpetual trophies for the Gravel & Tar and Slicks & Stones.

Having been in Palmerston North for over 40 years, Furniture Fair is unrivalled in its unique character as a gift and furniture store. Nowhere else in the North Island can the discerning customer find the style and originality that Furniture Fair offers. With over 1,000 square metres of lounge, dining, outdoor and an extensive range of giftware and accessories – New Zealand made and internationally sourced.

Our team of experienced designers are here to listen and to work with you. Come and visit us.

We’re proud of our reputation and proud of our quality service.

And with 40+ years as a local business, we’re delighted to support another local institution, the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust in their endeavours to get more people cycling for health, enjoyment and to help save the environment.

We’ve got one goal:  To keep New Zealand families who are carrying bike on cars safe. After our own near-miss, we realised that every day, lots of cyclists are at risk because their bike racks are blocking their indicators, brake lights, and number plate. We put Kiwi innovation and a can-do attitude to work, and created the solution for when you are carrying bikes – the Safelite

As cycling becomes more popular, accidents involving cars carrying bikes will increase and the police will become more vigilant.  So it’s not worth risking the fines and demerits for not have bike rack lights.

Protect yourself, your family and your bikes when carrying bikes on cars – buy a Safelite Lightboard.

Situated at 54 George Street, Palmerston North Central, we welcome you to Cyclista Espresso Bar & Roastery! It’s no secret – we love coffee – so much so we roast and blend our own.

We also provide “Food for the Body, Food for the Soul”, such as our delicious bagels with smoked salmon and horse radish, or our pastrami with cheddar and mustard.

We’re delighted to serve great coffee to our regulars and get quite excited around Gravel and Tar time, when we host many international cycling teams.

Auto Logistics and PTS Logistics are part of the PTS Group, established in 1976 with one tow truck and single car trailer. From small beginnings transporting vehicles across the Manawatu region, this family owned business has grown to a national transport business. With nine depots throughout New Zealand, we have the facility to move almost anything, anywhere and anytime. In 2014 three well known vehicle transporting brands – Auto Movements NZ, NZVD and JEFFS were amalgamated to form Auto Logistics. With such a long and proud heritage of moving cars around New Zealand we are well placed to help you move your car. Over the past 40 years we have probably moved every make and model of vehicle you know. That’s why we are confident that our service is your solution. And we’re very pleased to support the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust by providing trucks for their annual Gravel and Tar international cycling event.

Family Business Central is a world-leading consultancy, advising family businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

At Family Business Central, we believe that if you align the family, the business will follow. We help families develop both their family and business capital.

We’re honoured to support the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust as their principles very much align with ours – to bring out the “community” in communities.

Evo Cycles Palmerston North

Evo started way back in 2007 and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since! From humble beginnings in the Waikato, we’ve grown to have showrooms all across our beautiful country, many in key riding destinations. Though as much as we’ve grown we’re still a family owned 100% kiwi company.

Founded on the principal of “There Must be a Better Way” Evo has pushed the boundaries of what our customers can expect from a retailer in the industry. We’re not done yet though we’ll keep pushing and improving to bring you an even better customer Experience.

Located in one of Palmerston North’s historic buildings. ABERDEEN has a unique courtyard area with a retractable roof for the gorgeous summer months and open-lit fire for a cosy winter’s evening. Aberdeen is the ideal venue all year round.

Serving a combination of the finest contemporary cuisine, an extensive wine list, ambience and exceptional service gives Aberdeen on Broadway the leading edge.

Every year, we’re delighted to provide a sumptuous BBQ for the volunteers in the Greasy Chain’s Gravel and Tar cycling event.

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We’re currently looking for a Naming Rights Sponsor for the annual Slicks & Stones Gravel Assault. This is an event for amateur cyclist across the country to try their hand at gravel cycling. Now, in its second year in this format, we believe it will develop into one of the “must do”, iconic NZ cycling events.

It will provide your organisation with significant local and national exposure and demonstrate your support for community well-being and health.

Please contact us for a discussion on how we can work together on this great event.

Supporting Sponsors
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We’re also looking for a range of Supporting Sponsors to assist with organising and promoting a range of community events.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas on sponsoring one of our activities, or suggesting one that will fit with your strategic goals.