Greasy Chain Charitable Trust

Helping all New Zealanders become fitter through cycling

Greasy Chain Charitable Trust

Helping all New Zealanders become fitter through cycling


We’re glad you’ve found us at the “Greasy Chainers”
We’re a group of people who enjoy all types of cycling and our aim is to help you add to your enjoyment of cycling too – be that for sport, recreation, commuting, health or even a way of helping the environment by cycling more and using the car less.

Please read on and enjoy!

Serious cyclist?

Maybe you’re already a serious cyclist – we have some extra tips that can take you to the next level and some great events that you can enter.

Getting started?

Or maybe you’ve not done any cycling (or at least not for a while) – then we have some suggestions as to how you can get started (or restart) your cycling.

Best bike for me?

Perhaps you just want to know what type of bike is best for you and what are the costs and benefits – we have some suggestions and can also point you to some of the best brains in the cycling world to help you out!

Becoming a Greasy Chainer

And, if you like what you see here at the Greasy Chain, we’d love to have you sign up as a real “Greasy Chainer” and enjoy all the benefits of belonging.

Who and What is the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust?

Back in 2016, local cycling enthusiasts headed by Steve Stannard, decided it would be a good idea to have an international professional cycling event in the Manawatū North Island region of New Zealand. That first event was called, the “Gravel and Tar” and quickly gained a national and international reputation for its challenging parcours amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Manawatū.

Although not unique, there are very few international road cycling events that combine smooth road surfaces with stretches of other surfaces such as gravel, or in the case of the world famous Paris-Roubaix in France, cobbles. Colloquially, the Gravel and Tar has become known as the “Paris-Roubaix of the South”.

In 2019, a race for women, “The Gravel and Tar La Femme” was introduced, which in 2020 became one of the first cycling events in the world to pay equal prize money with the men’s event.

Seeing the increasing interest in competitive cycling for amateurs, the Slicks and Stones was then introduced to feature various distances and e-bike categories to encourage more people to participate.

And in 2019, the organising committee for these two events morphed into the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust with the goal of “Encouraging all New Zealanders to become healthier through regular cycling.”

The Four Principles that drive everything we do at the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust . .
  1. To improve public health (particularly the reduction of obesity and type two diabetes) through regular, healthy, outdoor exercise.
  2. To reduce the current levels of increasing work-related stress in today’s work environment.
  3. To provide greater independence for people, particularly older people unable to drive.
  4. Over time, to increase the amount of urban cycle trips taken and thus reduce noise and carbon emission pollution.

 If you have an interest in pursuing any or all of these as we do, please contact us to let us know your ideas.

And we have three operational objectives that guide our planning . . .
  1. To grow participation of the local and wider cycling community in cycling activities and events such as Family Fun Rides, Retro Rides, Ride to Work Days, Ride to School Week, the Slicks and Stones for amateur cyclists, February National Cycling Month, and so on.
  2. To continue to host UCI Gravel & Tar Classic elite men’s and women’s races annually, and to support New Zealand road cyclists to inspire the next generation of athletes.
  3. To support the Palmerston North City, Manawatū District and Horizons Councils in their endeavours to develop a cycling culture within the Manawatū region.

If you’ve got an interest in cycling, or would like to start, please become a recognised “Greasy Chainer”.

Upcoming Events and Activities

Our annual events, the Gravel & Tar, and Slicks & Stones are planned for January and February 2024.

We’re also promoting a new initiative, the “Wednesday Challenge” where people are encouraged to ride, walk or car-pool to work or school each Wednesday.

And there’s the annual February Cycling Month, where all New Zealanders are encouraged to cycle more during this national initiative.